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Patrick Mclean Taylor


I would be remiss if I did not pay tribute to my dear friend, Patty. Patty like all his brothers attended St. Davids boys and worshiped at the old Social Hall Pilgrim Holiness Church in St. Davids Village. I became friends with Patty and Wayne the brother directly below him at St. Davids boys but our friendship blossomed when we both entered Boys Foundation School. Patty was 2 years older than I. During our first 2 years at Foundation every afternoon myself and our dear friend Keith King, who left us way too early, would leave school together with Patty. We would take the Gall Hill bus just outside the school compound or high tailed it to the remnants …


Sir Pat,

Words can not describe how utterly inconsolable I was when I heard about your passing. You were my big brother and mentor at London Underground Limited.

You were also my bosom friend.

It seems like yesterday when you would visit my home and I would yours.

It also seems like yesterday that I took you to visit my homeland Ghana, and you returned the favour and took me to visit your homeland Barbados.

I am heartbroken.

Fare thee well brother.

Fare thee well.

So long my dear friend John Kofi Appiah.


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