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Choosing Funeral Flowers

From a single long-stemmed flower in a glass bud vase to an elaborate standing wreath or casket spray, you can find flowers for funerals at all price levels. Expressing your love and moral support for grieving family members and friends by sending fresh flowers to the funeral home, residence or office is what really counts. We can deliver hand-crafted floral crosses for funerals which are a traditional symbol of faith. Whereas floral hearts express love and help bring comfort to the family whilst uplifting the somber atmosphere of the funeral.


Casket sprays are usually selected by the family members. Lid or full-couch casket sprays extend on the full length of the casket. Foot sprays or half-couch sprays only cover half of the casket. Casket sprays are not used during military funerals where the casket is draped with the Barbados flag because nothing should ever be placed on top of the flag, however they can still be placed at the graveside in memory. 


Honour the life of a friend or family member with a gift of beautiful flowers. Sending funeral plants or flowers to express your condolences after a death is a thoughtful and time-honored tradition. Many people send flowers to the funeral home to be displayed during visitation hours. It is also appropriate to send flowers or sympathy gift baskets to the family home any time after you learn of the death. 

Below is a collection of traditional memorial wreaths, floral sprays, and crosses which can be purchased:

* All arrangements and plants are subject to change due to availability of flowers - please allow up to 24 hours notice for special orders.

Holy Bible $180.00.jpg

Holy Bible BBD 180.00 

Open heart$185.00.jpg
single letter wreath $115.00.jpg

Open Heart $185.00 BBD

Single Letter Wreath $115.00 BBD

open circle $185.00.jpg

Open Circle $185.00 BBD

musical note $200.jpg

Musical Note $200 BBD

House arrangement starts at $150.00.jpg

House Arrangement Starts at $150.00 BBD

Muliti color heart $200.00.jpg
open circle  18 ' in width $200.00.jpg

Muliti Color Heart $200.00 BBD

Open Circle  18 ' in width $200.00 BBD

Heart with grandad sash $190.00.jpg

Heart with Grandad Sash $190.00 BBD

Heart $190.00.jpg

Heading 1

Heading 1

House arrangement $170.00.jpg
Gran heart.jpg
Heart $190.00 BBD

House Arrangement $170.00 BBD

Grandad Heart

Fruit basket with carnations $200.00.jpg
Fruit and wine basket $185.00.jpg

Fruit and Wine Basket $185.00 BBD

Cross 27' x  20 ' $180.00.jpg

Cross 27' x  20 ' $180.00 BBD

Fruit Basket with Carnations $200.00 BBD

Bleeding heart $200.00.jpg
Bible $175.00.jpg

Bible $175.00 BBD

Basket arrangement $180.00.jpg

Bleeding Heart $200.00 BBD

Ballon casket arrangement $250.00.jpg

Basket Arrangement $180.00  BBD

Balloon Casket Arrangement $250.00 BBD

Cross $180.00.jpg

Cross $180.00 BBD

22  x 21  Heart $310.00.jpg

18'' Heart $250.00 BBD

22  x 21  Heart $310.00.jpg

22  x 21  Heart $310.00 BBD

$115.00 PER LETTER.jpg

$ 115.00 per Letter BBD


Heart $350.00 BBD


$275.00 BBD

$80.00 multi color wreath.jpg

Multi Color Wreath $80.00 BBD

House arrangement $170.00.jpg

House Arrangement  $170.00 BBD


Arrangment 1


Casket Spray


Circular Wreath

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