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In keeping with the last wishes of your loved one (if any were specified), the laws of Barbados, your specifications and budget we assist you in organizing a farewell that will always remain with you.
Over the years our list of services has evolved and today we offer you, the client, a complete package which caters to the full personalization of the funeral service, fulfills all of your requirements and allows you to control your expenditure.
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Grief Counselling

The death of a loved one can send you reeling in a potpourri of emotions associated with mourning. You may think one week or three months may be all that is needed and then you can cope, as you did before, with your everyday life. Unfortunately, coping with the heartbreak of loss does not have a specified

time-period. It is important that you give yourself adequate time to get through the various stages of grief. Along with speaking to relatives, friends and religious personnel, if needed, we can put you in contact with one of our bereavement counselors. Click here to access "Letters to the Bereaved" which outlines the ten stages of grief and how to know when extra help is needed to better deal with grief.

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Executive Car & Limousine Service

At Clyde B. Jones Funeral Home, we boast a top of the line fleet inclusive of a limousine and town cars. Please note our limo and town cars are available for private functions as well. For pricing and to confirm scheduling, please

contact us.



To those of you who own a family plot, placement of a headstone may come to the fore on your things–to–do–list. The headstone is a permanent way of marking the resting place of deceased family members for generations to come. In the event of burial without ownership (after seeking permission from the appropriate authorities) a temporary grave marker may be placed on the gravesite for a period of five years. If interested in ordering a headstone or grave marker give us a call and we will assist you in the selection and ordering process.

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