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Clyde B. Jones Funeral Home Co. Ltd.
Established on October 13, 1948
Brainchild of Executive Directors

Clyde B. Jones, BCH JP and Alma D. Jones

Clyde B. Jones

Earlier times

The husband and wife team still remember
their first funeral. It was that of the late
Ms. Susan Straughn of Oistins' Hill, Christ
Church which they contracted at the now
seemingly incredible cost of $60.00.
Like many in those days, Ms. Straughn’s
funeral, was expedited, from arrangement
to burial, within a 24 hour period due to the
absence of the sophisticated refrigeration
and preservation techniques available today.

These were the days where the newcomers
to the industry, popularly known as "briefcase
or suitcase" undertakers, had to depend on the
more established firms to provide satisfactory
service to the bereaved. We started out in this
category and were loyally aided by the late
Harold A. Tudor of Tudor's Funeral Home,
The Ivy, St. Michael. Mr. Tudor provided rental
of his motor hearse or the popular horse drawn
hearse ridden by the famous Bajan character,

In the final six weeks of 1948,
the establishment conducted a total of 16
funerals, 15 at the Churchyard of Christ Church
Parish Church and the remainder at the
neighbouring Christ Church Cemetery.

"Where Honour Dwells and Service Excels"


The founders had a precise direction for the
business in mind, that is, the implementation
of the highest quality of personalized funeral
service to the bereaved. In the late 1950s,
the establishment built its first hearse
and subsequently, in 1960 imported
its first Cadillac hearse.

With changing times the company has kept
a competitive edge by providing service
that is second to none, striving to computerize the business, maintaining a fleet of vehicles of the highest standard, an uniformed staff and the adoption of burgundy as the company's trademark colour in 1994. This was done in an effort to move away from the traditional black associated with the funeral industry but also
to represent protection and safeguarding
of the business.

Seventy Years of Service Excellence

As the years have passed by, some of the faces of Clyde B. Jones Funeral Home Co. Ltd have changed but the quality of service offered to our devoted clients has remained the same. At one time staff comprised of three generations of funeral directors namely, the founders' four children and grandchildren. Today, two children remain, Kathy Jones and Kenneth Jones. They
have accepted the baton that has been passed and continue to meet the exceptional standard set by their parents. The Directors of our funeral home are ably assisted by a truly dedicated and professional team who has helped to support the business over the years.

With the approach of the company's 71st anniversary, it has overcome many challenges throughout the years and continues to be a shining example in the funeral industry.

Our Logo

Our company's logo captures the very
essence of the humble beginnings on which
our establishment was built on and the goal
we strive to realize as we come into contact with each and everyone of our "families". Firstly we invite you to give a cursory glance at our motto. With ease one notes the CBJ which is reminiscent of our founder Clyde B. Jones. Its simple design allows the ease in transition of each of the three letters remarking on the simplicity and humility of the man behind our company. Now we invite you to closely inspect the shapes which the letters of his name form. The C and B resemble a broken heart whilst the
J a lighted candle. It is true that death, at the core of all the ten stages of grief, makes us feel brokenhearted. In fulfilling all of your wishes we hope to bring a source of light and hope at this most difficult hour. Moreover, the everlasting light represented by the three beams also extends a promise to our clients that Clyde B. Jones Funeral Home Co. Ltd will always remain a place "Where honour dwells and service excels".

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