"You Can Depend On Us"

Ken Jones

From way back in 1964 while attending Boy's Foundation School (now called Christ Church Foundation School) I used to assist my father, the late Clyde B. Jones BCH, JP in the family business.


Currently, I am a Funeral Director at Clyde B. Jones Funeral Home Co. Ltd. and Manager/ Leader of the Troubadours International. During my music career I was also a session musician with the renowned Merrymen. My long music career occasioned extensive travel on promotional tours of some 14 cities in the USA, Canada—from Buffalo to Miami—and several countries in Europe.

Prior to that, I held various positions; in 1967-1970 as Stock Manager of BICO Ltd, 1970-1971 as Food and Beverage Supervisor of the Tamarind Cove Hotel and in 1986-1988 as Personnel Manager with BEL-TRONICS Ltd

Julian Maughn
Funeral Director/

Julian has been with the establishment for over 25 years. He is our resident embalmer specializing in Embalming and Restorative Art. His work has been noted by the eyes of many, as he has prepared the bodies of three exceptional Barbadian men; the late Prime Minister Sir Harold St. John, the late cricket legend Malcolm Marshall and our founder Clyde B. Jones BCH, JP.

In his own words … Julian, in an interview with the Nation Newspaper says "I love my job with a passion. My joy and fulfillment is to see the families (of the deceased) smile and appreciate how beautifully a loved one has been prepared. It gives me joy to see that I have helped to ease some of their grief".

Wayne Broomes
Funeral Assistant/

Wayne, has offered our company over 11 years of service. Over the years, his experience has lent itself to the smooth execution of our many funeral services. Wayne is a devoted family man,
member of New Dimensions Ministries and also loves fishing.

Alicia Bostic-Johnson
Funeral Co-ordinator

With 5 years experience in the bereavement industry, Alicia Bostic-Johnson adds her knowledge and experience to the team of Clyde B. Jones Funeral Home. She is the true representation of a hardworking and committed individual. She believes in getting the job done in the best way possible with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. Alicia’s life is patterned after her favourite quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer which says ‘if you have to choose between being kind and being right, choose being kind and you will always be right.’ She is a pleasant individual who always carries a smile and has a genuine love for people.  She is an understanding, caring and compassionate person. Having all these qualities makes her the ideal person to serve your every need.

Christian Thomas
Funeral Assistant

Christian is very pro-active and likes to be involved in everything that his team does. He encourages everyone and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Despite his age, Christian boasts many years of experience and as a Funeral Assistant gives of his best when assisting bereaved families. Christian is an avid fan of Manchester United and can sometimes be heard chanting “Glory Glory Man United! Glory Glory Man United!”

Ari Jones
Funeral Assistant
Kathy Jones

Caring, understanding and helpful are the three characteristics that Kathy brings to the forefront of Clyde B. Jones Funeral Home Co. Ltd. The youngest of Clyde and Alma’s children, she has given over thirty years of service and is totally gratified when able to provide a service that is second to none to the bereaved.


A "stickler" for detail, she has invested long hours to maintain the high standard of professionalism set by her parents. Along with her hectic work schedule Kathy juggles raising her two children, Ashley and Ari.

During her quiet moments she loves to go to the beach, watch movies and listen to music. She also lives by the belief that through God all things are possible.

David Heeralal
Funeral Director/ Funeral Co-ordinator

David Heeralal has given over 12 years of dedicated and loyal service to Clyde B. Jones Funeral Home. Starting out as a Funeral Assistant, he quickly advanced to become a Funeral Director and later Co-ordinator. Due to his mixed background of Christian and Hindu faiths, David brings an added dimension to our professional staff. Interested in all areas of the funeral business, David is currently pursuing a Certificate of Mortuary Science. David is also a devoted member of New Dimension Ministries, an active Youth Minister (holding a diploma in Youth Ministry) with his church and lists singing and songwriting as two of his God-given talents.

Andrew Corbin
Funeral Director/

Andrew has been with our team from September 2007. Having started as a Funeral and Office Assistant, his knowledge of Funeral Service has rapidly expanded. In 2012, he assumed the role of Funeral Co-ordinator and at present is our youngest
Funeral Director, a goal which he always wanted to achieve.

A sociable young man by nature, he enjoys surfing the net, socializing, meeting new people and is also an avid aviation enthusiast.

Charles Thomas
Funeral Co-ordinator/

Charles Thomas is a grandchild of the late Clyde B. Jones. He received his degree in Mortuary Science while studying
in Washington D.C., USA. In addition, he volunteered to work with children who suffer from behavioural disorders at a recreational center in Maryland. His motto is “Hard work, dedication, prayers and belief.”

Edsil Cooke
Funeral Assistant/
Casket Builder

Edsil is our resident casket builder and ensures that every unit leaving the Funeral Home is up to standard. His easy-going and jovial nature adds positively to the team. He is father of Melissa, Shamar, Ondre and Brittney. Cooke is considered 'the handy man' for the funeral home as he can do almost anything on the premises.

Melissa Evelyn
Funeral Assistant
Armando Lashley
Funeral Assistant

When the fleet of Clyde B. Jones Funeral Home is mobilized and one takes a second glance, Armando is responsible for ensuring the vehicles are in immaculate condition. In recent times he can be seen assisting at funerals. A National Footballer, who joined the Clyde B. Team in recent years, his charismatic personality enhances the team.

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