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Emerson Hamblin


Rest In peace Larry once met never forgotten.


Nev Henshaw
Nev Henshaw

It was a pleasure to have known Larry, I first met him in Tripoli in "B" Sqn, 14/20 th Kings Hussars.

He was a value member of"B" San, and he got on with everyone.

I am pleased to have been a friend.

He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

God bless Larry.


I first met Larry in Libya 1964 a lovely man, last saw him in Hohne Germany 1982 will be missed by many!! Has Brian said he had an infectious mischevious laugh RIP Larry Hussar!!!!


Larry, A friend of many years, served with him in Libya, UK and Germany in the 14th/20th Kings Hussars. A well respected member of the regiment, and a great sportsman track and cricketer.

Never be forgotten by many of his era. I'll personally miss the chats we had regularly, my wife and family will never forget his infectious laughter, nor his recommended Chinese Buffet Restaurant in Liverpool. Terrible place, but we forgave him.

Rest In Peace Larry, loved and respected by many of his old comrades.


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