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Gertrude Bynoe

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Membre inconnu
31 janv. 2019

To: Roxanne and Donna. I know of the pain that you have experienced as a result of your Mum’s death and I pray that as time passes that God will continue to bless you and give you the strength and peace to comfort you. You can be proud that you could not have had a more devoted, loving and caring mother to her children, grandchildren, and great grand. She was a very devoted and caring mother who nurtured and supported you in every way. I am proud of how you both handled all the circumstances during her brief illness, death, funeral, and memorial service. If she is looking down at you, she will surely be smiling and saying,…


Shennel Beckles
Shennel Beckles
14 janv. 2019

Condolences and prayers of comfort for the entire family. Babsie, your indomitable spirit will never be forgotten; I will cherish and remember always your wisdom, constant check in to see how the boys were doing and your love. Thank you for always!


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